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  1. Tournament Selection:

The method of selecting Tournament Team Players and Managers for all divisions will be as following:

a.       Board of Directors will approve All Star managers to each team.

b.       Managers will nominate players (different ages for different age groups) from their teams. Managers will nominate those players and   turn them into the Player Agent.

c.       President, Player Agent and appointed Manager will have a say on what players are selected on the All Star teams.

d.       Appointed All Star Manager may request a tryout to see the various players and their ability before selecting the team.

e.       All managers with good league standings will be considered for Tournament Managers.

f.        Coaches for the Tournament Team will consist of managers or coaches from the same division (chosen by all-star manager).  Coaches must also be in good standing with the League.

g.       Any player that has been ejected during the regular season may lose his or her All Star eligibility.

h.        Major’s All Star team will consist of players  ages (10-11-12)

  (9-10-11) year old All Star Team will consist of players from this age pool.

  (8-9-10) year old All Star Team will consist of players from this age pool.


2.       Player Draft:

a.       Draft Methods:

1.       The draft method for Minor A divisions will be “Plan A” in the current Little League Baseball Operating Manual.

2.        The draft method for Majors Divisions and up will be “Plan A” in the current Little League Baseball Operating Manual.

b.       All players 9 years old and up will try out. (8 Year olds may try out)

c.       All 9-14 year old softball players and 9-14 baseball players must be rated before they are eligible to be placed on any team.

d.       All players on a waiting list must be taken in chronological order.

e.       All players must sign up/register.  Any player signing up or registering after the close of signups will be placed on waiting list     (regardless of their prior year’s status) and will be drafted in order according to the waiting list.


3.       League Ground Rules:

a.       The 10 run rule and 15 run rule will be in effect for all divisions, according to Little League Rules. (See Rule 4.10 (e))

b.       Any Player who is out of the lineup for more than three consecutive weeks (or six games) is subject to being removed from his/her   team by action of the board of directors.  However, the board of directors reserves the right to allow such player to remain on the   roster.  Managers must make the player agent aware if any player misses more than two consecutive games for any reason.  Failure   to do this will be cause for corrective action against the manager. (See Regulation III (d))

c.       No player will be called up from the Minor league to a Major League team in the last two weeks of the season.

d.       It is VVALL policy that if a Minor Division player declines to move up to a Major Division team when a vacancy occurs in the Major   Division, that player shall be transferred to another team in the Minor Division, preferably a team lower in the standing.  However, the   board of directors reserves the right to waive this policy if warranted. (See Regulation VIII).

e.      Managers for all Minor A and above teams must retain a pitching affidavit throughout the regular season.  The affidavit must be made  available at the beginning of each game.  Failure to provide will result in the termination of that game and be logged as a forfeit.

f.        The home team will be required to keep the official scorebook.  The visiting team will maintain the official pitch count for Minor “A”   Division and above.

Division Alignment:


Pee Wee (Tee Ball) Baseball: League age 4-6 years olds (first year 6 year olds)

Minor B Baseball: League age 6-8 years olds (second year 6 year olds)

Minor A Baseball: League age 8-11 years olds

Majors Baseball: League age 9-12 year’s olds

Intermediate Baseball (50/70):  League age11-13 year olds

Junior League Baseball: League age 12-14 year olds

Senior League Baseball: League age 13-16 year olds


Pee Wee (Tee Ball) Softball: League age 4-6 year olds (first year 6 year olds)

Minor B Softball: League age 6-8 year olds (second year 6 year olds)

Minor A Softball: League age 8-11 year olds

Majors Softball: League age 9-12 year olds

Junior League Softball: League age 12-14 year olds

Senior League Softball: League age 13-16 year old

For the current season, all players league age 4 and 5 will play Tee Ball.  All players 9 years old and up will be evaluated, and based on the evaluation be drafted into the appropriate division.

4.       Field Preparation

a.       The home team Manager or Coach will prepare the field prior to each game.

b.       All Team Managers will be provided game balls, score books and line up cards at the start of the season.  Used game balls will be     divided by the two Managers.

c.       Minor A and above, Home team will also be responsible to keep score in official book.


5.       Time Limits:

Time Limits for games shall be no new inning shall start after:

a.       Tee Ball- 1 Hour, drop dead

b.       Minor B- 1 hour, 30 minutes,  drop dead

c.       Minor A- 1 hour 45 minutes, no new inning or 4 innings

d.       Majors- 2 hour 15 minutes, no new inning,  or 4 innings

e.       Juniors, Intermediate, & Seniors- 2 hour 30 minutes no new inning or 5 innings

f.        Games cannot end in a tie in major divisions and above.

g.       During inter-league play, inter-league rules will apply.

6.       Volunteer Umpires

a.       All competitive divisions (9-16) Managers or coaches will be required to umpire.

b.       Manager or coaches will umpire at least 2 times during the season or pay a $50 umpire fee.

c.       Failure to umpire during the season could result in forfeiting their eligibility to manage or coach in All Stars.

d.       Any umpire being paid $499.00 and over shall for tax purposes will receive a 1099 from the league tax preparer.

7.       Volunteer Snack Bar

a.       All teams will be required to work snack bar 3 times throughout the season. Teams will be required to pay for the replacement snack   bar workers at a minimum charge of $25.00, which will be deducted from the team account for each time with a maximum of three           charges.

8.        Volunteer Badges

a.       All Victorville American Little League volunteers must complete a volunteer application and satisfactorily complete a screening process   including a one-time $5.00 charge for badge processing. Volunteer badges will be mandatory. Volunteer badges must be worn   during all practices and on game day.  Failure to wear volunteer badge will call for removal of the volunteer until a badge can be   presented.  NO EXCEPTIONS!

b.       All Managers have the discretion for accepting a volunteer on a team. A Minimum of three approved Volunteers are needed per team.

9.        Refund Policy

a.       All player refunds must be made by submitting the Player Withdrawal and Refund Request to the Treasurer.  Form can be found on   website.

b.        All player refund request received prior to participating in ANY game, tryout, practice or team function maybe entitled to a refund of   their registration paid, less a $20.00 processing fee.

c.       All player refund request received after participating in a tryout, practice, or team function may be entitled to a partial refund of their   registration paid, less an additional $20.00 processing fee and Little League Charter and insurance fees.  If uniform has been issued it   must be returned unused or the cost of uniform will be dedicated.

Approved by the 2019 Board of Directors on October 29th 2018.


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